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1st Choice BACS is a commercial BACS Approved Bureau (BAB).


To ensure that BABs operate to the highest standards, BACS carries out regular inspections of approved bureaux who must undergo and pass an inspection review covering risk assessment and management in five categories;- Organisation and Policies; Physical Security; Computer Operations; Systems and Application Support and BACS Operations and Procedures. It is a comprehensive audit that requires strict control and monitoring of standards.

What is BACS?

BACS stands for 'Banker's Automated Clearing Services' and is a simple and cost effective way to make payments directly from your bank account to another bank account. It is the most popular way for suppliers and employees to be paid.

The advantages to you

No more cheques to write or trips to the bank for cash.

It aids your cash flow; you know exactly when the funds are leaving your account.

Detailed analysis and confirmation of payments made.

You can use your BACS system to pay your suppliers and employees, in-fact you could pay everything by BACS if you really wanted to.

Peace of mind, knowing that you are dealing with a commercially approved bureau.


How we process your BACS payments

You need to notify us of the payments you wish to make, we will then send you an acceptance report detailing the amounts due to each supplier/employee.  Once we have your approval we send an electronic file with all the details to BACS. On your nominated payment day the amounts are then transferred from your account to those of your suppliers/employees.

A full report of all the requested payments is sent to you by BACS confirming the transfers.

What do you have to do to use this service?

If you are already registered as BACS User with your bank you will have a 6 digit BACS User Number, this will need to be assigned to our BAB Number. This is a simple process and we will provide you with the relevant information.

If you are not yet registered as a BACS User we will assist you in the application process. This process can take several weeks to set up and we would recommend that you discuss this with your bank.





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